Does your course require your students to demonstrate the achievement of particular skills or competencies? These might be to meet industry standards, professional frameworks or classroom/lab safety requirements. PebblePad can be used to collect evidence of these achievements.

In our recent webinar with Ronelle Hewetson from Griffith’s School of Allied Health Sciences, we heard how her teaching team developed a series of PebblePad templates, creating a framework for their students to collate evidence against the Speech Pathology competency standards over time:

“…the framework and the layout remained consistent across the different courses but we could tweak it slightly based on the level of independence that the student needed to demonstrate at a particular point in time in the two-year program.”

The beauty of PebblePad is that you can develop a workbook or portfolio that can support students in gathering the required evidence.  They can then submit at the start of the course or program and allow the teaching team to monitor and provide feedback as they progress. This can be very useful for the students as they move into subsequent courses or years and can see their growth and development over time. The student has just one portfolio or workbook that keeps all the evidence, reflections and feedback on the one place… and there is no paper mountain to dig through!

Another bonus of using PebblePad, is that students can take these portfolios with them when they graduate. All they need to do is create an Alumni account prior to completing their studies so that they can take their body of work with them – and keep adding to it if they wish.  They can also create professional portfolios that will highlight or showcase the best of their work in a way that makes sense to their potential employers.

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