PebblePad can be used to support student activities while on placement or undertaking work integrated learning. You can create resources that guide students through their preparation, on-site learning opportunities and post-placement reflections.

“We have workbooks within individual courses that we cover (tutorial workbooks or different portfolios) but having WIL all in one [workbook] we can see how students are going across the WIL activities within multiple courses.”
Dr Lana Mitchell, Lecturer, Nutrition and Dietetics.

PebblePad allows you to create templates and workbooks that can be used before, during and after placements in one course, or for an entire program.  These resources can be developed to ensure your students are undertaking and reflecting on tasks that are tied to their learning objectives or competencies.  You can also create these resources in a way that encourages meaningful documentation and reflection so that students can gauge gaps in their skills, and recognise their improvement over time.

PebblePad and PebblePocket allow external supervisors to sign off on tasks as they are completed on the job.  These can be submitted for review by the assessor in ATLAS. Students can also use PebblePocket to collect video or photographic evidence of their experiences to share with assessors, supervisors or peers if this is appropriate in the work placement.

To find out more about how you can utilise PebblePad as a tool for WIL or placements, check out our new student-centered activity entry in Explore Learning and Teaching – PebblePad: Supporting work integrated learning and placements.  Embedded in this, you can walk-through real examples of resources developed for reflecting on Work Integrated Learning placements, and link to the Faculty Spark from Sheree Lloyd (Griffith Health), or the IRU Case Study by Dr Lana Mitchell (Griffith Health).

If you are interested in connecting with colleagues at other institutions using PebblePad for placements, please join the PebblePad Australia/NZ WIL Special Interest Group (SIG).

RECORDINGS: Below are some recent webinar and presentation recordings relevant to using PebblePad for WIL

Webinar 1: Using PebblePad for Reflection 
(recorded Tuesday 12th June)
Presenters:  Priscilla Trahar and Dr Chris Campbell (Lecturer, Learning Futures)
Webinar 2:  Using PebblePad to Support Work Integrated Learning and Placements 
(recorded Thursday 14th June)
Presenters:  Priscilla Trahar and Dr Lana Mitchell (Lecturer, Nutrition & Dietetics)
PebblePad Special Event: Paul Duvall from the University of Liverpool
(recorded Wednesday 20th June)
Paul shares shared his experiences over the past five years using PebblePad for placements at the University of Liverpool.  Link:
PebblePad Australia/NZ WIL Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting
(recorded Thursday 21st June)