PebblePad can be used to support reflection, professional development, evidence collection and curation for student learning and assessment. The beauty of using PebblePad for this practice is that students have access to this platform throughout their studies at Griffith and beyond.

“We use these ePortfolios to document and archive all the students’ learning in each course.  And so, in that sense, they are also learning that valuable skill that professional artists use in documenting and archiving their work… By the time our students graduate [they] will have a comprehensive archive of PebblePad ePortfolios for every one of the studio courses that they have done. Students have responded very positively to this.”
Dr Bill Platz, Program Director, Fine Art, QCA.

PebblePad has an easy to learn interface that allows users a plethora of formatting and content options when creating their portfolios.  And, they can create as many as they like!  This means that students can create ePortfolios for their learning or assessment activities, for their external or co-curricular activities, or for professional portfolios that provide evidence for employment or promotional opportunities.

While attending the ePortfolio Forum in 2017, we were lucky enough to hear from students who had been asked to create eportfolios throughout their university studies.  While the notion of collecting evidence of their learning and skills as they were developing in the first year didn’t make much sense to them at the time, the students said that they gained benefits from having access to this work in their subsequent years.  They also appreciated having access to this work as they approached graduation, as the process of creating a professional portfolio allowed them to reflect on and curate their collection of work to best demonstrate their strengths and abilities to potential employers.

But wait, there’s more…  It’s not only students who can benefit from using ePortfolios in PebblePad – staff can too!  Have a look at some examples of Griffith staff ePortfolios in our PebblePad Showcase.

To find out more about how you can use PebblePad for an ePortfolio activity, check out our new student-centered activity entry in Explore Learning and Teaching – PebblePad: Developing ePortfolios for learning (and beyond).  Embedded in this, you can watch walk-through videos of real uses from Dr Bill Platz (QCA) and Dr Andrew Pearson (Griffith Health).

Opportunities to engage with PebblePad and the ePortfolio community

You are invited to attend our Griffith PebblePad webinars in August:

  • Webinar: Using PebblePad for ePortfolios
    • Guest presenter: Dr Andrew Pearson from the School of Medical Science, Griffith Health
    • Tuesday, 7th August
    • Recording now available (open the Chat to view links referred to in the session)
  • Webinar: Using PebblePad for competency frameworks
    • Guest presenter: Ronelle Hewetson from the School of Allied Health Sciences, Griffith Health
    • Thursday, 9th August
    • Recording now available (open the Chat to view links and questions referred to in the session)

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