PebblePad is a great tool to adopt if you want your students to create an eportfolio… but the buck doesn’t stop there. You can create resources that allow your students to enhance their learning process through reflection, as they take into account past, present and future.

“The PebblePad workbook enabled me to set up students to be able to reflect in a more structured way than they had done previously, and to use a variety of features of the PebblePad software so students can support their reflections with evidence.”
Sheree Lloyd, Senior Lecturer, School of Medicine

PebblePad allows you to create templates and workbooks to support your students in developing their reflection skills.  These reflections could be based on course content, an experience or an ongoing series of activities that ask students to delve deeper into what they have learned, what they want to learn more about and what they can apply in the future.

Students can also use PebblePad to collect evidence of their experiences to share with assessors, supervisors or peers.  This curation process is also a reflective activity, as students are asked to review and select videos, photos or other documented evidence of what occurred, their role in it, and how this evidences their learning.

To find out more about how you can utilise PebblePad as a tool for reflection, check out our new student-centered activity entry in Explore Learning and Teaching – PebblePad: Reflection for Learning.  Embedded in this, you can walk-through a real example of a resource developed for reflecting on Work Integrated Learning placements, and link to the Faculty Spark from Sheree Lloyd (Griffith Health)

COMING SOON: Stay tuned for a Webinar on how to use PebblePad for Reflection – June 2018.