2020 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report Teaching and Learning Edition

Two (2) Griffith University innovations have been featured in the newly released 2020 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report Teaching and Learning Edition.

The Horizon Report is a globally recognised analysis and research report featuring exemplars in emerging forms of practice. The Teaching and Learning Editions narrow the focus to our Sector. You can see all of the prior work of the New Media Consortium, and the current range of EDUCAUSE Reports here.

Sam the Bot

Sam the Bot has been featured as an example of how AI can assist and scale student support under the category of AI/Machine Learning Educational Applications. Sam helps our students in MyGriffith (Student Portal), and learns along the way. To see more of Sam, check out this video. Iterative enhancement of Sam the Bot is also embedded within the project-based learning activities of the ICT Program at Griffith this year. P 24.

ExLNT (Explore Learning & Teaching)

We are very proud to say ExLNT (Explore Learning & Teaching) has also been featured Im the category of Elevation of instructional design, learning engineering, and UX design in pedagogy for its capacity to enhance and articulate the practices of our own Academic cohort. ExLNT also won the 2018 ACODE Innovation in TEL Award for supporting pedagogical use of technology and educational design. P 24.

Provides image of ExLNT Front Screen

Griffith a constant on the Global Horizon!

Praise also to our Learning and Teaching colleague Danielle Logan, Learning & Teaching Consultant (Design),  Griffith Business School, who has served as part of the Horizon Report as an International Expert Panelist 2019 and 2020.

Griffith University has had a long history of collaboration and engagement with both the former Stewards, the NMC (New Media Consortium) and most recently the ‘EDUCAUSE’ Horizon Reports and associated processes. Griffith has often been identified for inclusion, and featured as exemplars. Several Griffith Colleagues have represented the sector on Horizon Report Panels, producing co-publications and collaborating around emerging technology events.

To give you a taste, check out the below interactive ‘On the Horizon’.

Innovation in TEL Snapshot – What’s in play?

Learning Futures would love to discover how your innovative Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) practice can be recognised. Opportunities for recognition and sector-sharing like the Horizon Report often come via the Centre, and we can help you join-the-dots. Let us know via the Learning Futures Innovation in TEL Snapshot.

How the TEL Snapshot can assist:

  • ID and potential acquisition of resources and tools supporting emerging technology and practice at Griffith
  • ID of innovators or potential innovators and linkage to existing Communities of Practice, Projects and Initiatives
  • ID and articulation of innovative practices and practitioners
  • ID of relevant professional learning opportunities and requirements
  • Inform future development of the Griffith University Educational Technologies Roadmap and TEL Framework
  • Inform areas of priority for VLE Enhancement

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