This post was contributed by Leigh Sawyer (Manager – Grants, Awards and Fellowships, Learning Futures).

The 2019 Group Learning and Teaching Citations and Griffith Awards for Excellence in Teaching schemes were launched by the Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor in March.

Griffith Awards for Excellence in Teaching (GAET) are awarded by the University to recognise and reward teachers, teaching teams, professional staff and programs for their contributions to student learning. GAET are awarded on the basis of a University-wide application process.

The Excellence in Teaching Awards category comprises 15 awards:

  • Four Group Excellence in Teaching Awards, one for each of the four Griffith Academic Groups
  • Four Group Educational Leadership Awards, one for each of the four Griffith Academic Groups
  • Four Group Active Learning Awards, one for each of the four Griffith Academic Groups; and
  • Three Excellence in Teaching Priority Area Awards one for each of the three categories:
    • Early Career Award
    • Sessional Academic Staff Award
    • Innovative Assessment Award

Interviews with 2018 GAET winners on the 2018 Celebrating Remarkable Teachers website

The Programs and Teams that Enhance Learning Awards comprise up to three Awards, across six categories. The Programs and Teams that Enhance Learning Category recognises an activity, a suite of activities with a common purpose, an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program, or a service that enhances student learning or engagement.

Submitting an application requires staff to present a succinct, well-argued case for excellence against the designated criteria for the particular award category that is supported by a range of relevant evidence. It is a great way to receive recognition for your achievements in learning and teaching, and share your great practice or innovations!

2018 GAET winners have shared some insights in relation to their teaching practice on the Celebrating Remarkable Teachers site.

Important information for applicants

Nominations close 10th June 2019.

Applications for the Excellence in Teaching Awards are initiated by a nomination received either via a Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) Commendation (student nomination) or staff nomination (self or peer nominations). Staff who have attained a Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) Commendation receive a letter from the DVC(A) advising this and are also listed on the DVC(A) Commendations page.

Staff can be nominated by their Academic Supervisor or peers, or by self-nomination, via the online nomination form.

Applicants for the Group Educational Leadership Award require a nomination from either their Head of School or Deputy Head of School or Director (Learning and Teaching).

Applications are due by 5:00pm Monday 15th July 2019.

If you are planning to apply for a GAET in 2019 (or perhaps down the track) there are a range of resources available:


Review the Griffith Awards for Excellence in Teaching website for key application information, including:

  • Griffith Citations and Awards for Teaching Excellence Guidelines
  • Award category-specific Application Instructions and Checklists
  • Application Form and Online submission form link

Learning Futures Award and Grant Writing Modules

Also accessible via the GAET webpage, the online modules will assist you with preparing your application. The Griffith Awards for Excellence in Teaching modules are available via our [email protected] Organisations site and outline application planning steps, key application requirements, choosing an award category and structure and style.

The Modules also include a Citation and Award resources folder with past successful application exemplars (please treat these confidentially).

All applicants are requested to complete the modules before submitting an application.

To access the modules via [email protected]:

  1. Login to [email protected]
  2. Go to the Organisations Tab
  3. Enter Learning Futures Award and Grant Writing Modules in the Organisation Search field and click Go
  4. Click on the link GIHE_LAT_AWARD
  5. In the left menu click Self Enrol

Mentors and eligibility advice

Identifying a Group/School mentor or a peer who can give you some feedback is highly recommended. Deans (Learning and Teaching) will provide an appropriate mentor on request for applicants from their Academic Group and peers who will be able to provide feedback on a final draft of an application. Contact details for each Group are available on the GAET webpage.

Learning Futures can provide advice in relation to eligibility to apply. If you have any queries on this please contact us via [email protected]