PebblePad was officially introduced at Griffith in T1, 2017 (Really, only last year?) and the interest and uptake has been amazing.  Heading into our second year, we are happy to announce that we have more courses and programs wanting to incorporate PebblePad activities into their teaching and learning.

Getting started

If you are interested in using PebblePad, here are some support resources to help you get started:

  • Our PebblePad website – information about ‘what is PebblePad’ in the Griffith context; plenty of help videos and links for staff and students; a showcase of examples from staff and students; information about events.
  • Explore Learning and Teaching – entries about PebblePad workshops (requires login); Faculty Sparks of peers sharing their PebblePad experiences; or Student Centred Activities where PebblePad can be used.
  • Using [email protected] website – technical tipsheets for staff and students to guide you through many of the features and options in Pebble+ and ATLAS.
  • PebblePad Community website – PebblePad’s official help and support site; access to blog posts directly from the PebblePad team.

Getting involved

Learning Futures is running PebblePad workshops throughout the year, and we are also looking forward to the PebblePad Symposium (as a part of Celebrating Teaching) later in the year.

This year, we are testing the waters with online events (like Webinars), to allow us to share our experiences and ask for input from our peers.  (If you would like to get involved with these online gatherings, please let us know!)

The following are not PebblePad-specific, but are also great resources for our Griffith PebblePad community:

  • ePortfolio Yammer Group – for those of us specifically interested in ePortfolios (for which PebblePad is very well suited), we share events and latest news via this online group.
  • AEL Professional Learning blog – host plenty of great information about learning and teaching and has some great PebblePad posts relevant to AEL and beyond.

Across the Groups, our Learning and Teaching support staff (Blended Learning Advisors and Educational Designers) have various opportunities relevant to your discipline.

Getting help

From within PebblePad, you can access Griffith-specific resources via the “Griffith Help” link, or delve into the PebblePad Learning Centre from the tile on your homepage.

Griffith’s self-help portal, AskUs, has a series of entries to help staff and students with PebblePad, including:

If you are experiencing issues with PebblePad, the IT Service Centre are ready to assist on x55555 or via [email protected]

To find out about what support your Group can offer when developing a PebblePad activity for your course or program, please contact your Blended Learning Advisor or Educational Designer.