Over the life of the Academic Plan 2017–2020, we can expect to see dramatic changes in the way we deliver learning, teaching and student support as a result of rapid uptake of technologies such as … adaptive learning and data analytics.

Professor Debra Henly,  Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), Griffith University, Academic Plan 2017–2020

Have you ever wondered how Adaptive Learning might work best for your cohort, how to design for it, and what sort of platforms are available to support it at Griffith?

Learning Futures is proud to present a series of Workshops across June 2018 supporting the application of Adaptive Learning in practice.  Workshops range from Introductions to Adaptive Learning (the Concept), and Smart Sparrow (Adaptive Learning Platform) through to planning and designing your Adaptive experience, and how to build your own Adaptive experience using the Smart Sparrow Platform.  We look forward to seeing you there.

See these and more great Griffith University workshops, events and resources on ExLNT (Explore Learning & Teaching).  Please note, you will need to sign in with your Griffith Staff ID to view Workshop details.

Learn more before the workshops – Visit the Learning Futures Adaptive Learning Website here.