The last decade has seen video content become an integral component of the Learning & Teaching toolbox.  As Flipped, Hybrid, Work-Integrated and Online models of learning delivery provide more flexible ways to learn for our students, we also need to find ways to ensure the video medium is ‘up to scratch’ educationally. One such criteria in this context is accessibility.

As educators,  we have a duty of care to ensure our learning resources are as accessible as possible for our learner cohorts.  While it is often a challenge to obtain this level of quality across all resource types and multiple platforms (often having to ‘buy in’ transcripts and captioning), at least YouTube is  making captioning our video content easier for us.

YouTube has two options available (no $s required): (1) Auto-generation, and (2) Self-creation.

TIP | Auto-generation is NOT PERFECT, so be sure to check and edit your caption or transcript to avoid embarrassing moments…you know the ones!

To find out how, visit the official YouTube Help site (Do-it-yourself transcription and translations section)

For a little more depth and step by step guidance, you can check out this good overview Captioning YouTube Videos Offers Easy Accessibility Boost, published in the ‘Learning Solutions’ blog.

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