2017 saw another bumper year for our home-grown innovative CYO Studio Service, both in regard to adoption and capabilities.

How do we know it’s a cracker?

To ensure a holistic approach to measurement, the CYO Service is guided by the DV Capability Framework:


Dynamic Capability | Organisational agility and enabling
Personal Capability | Enhanced Community confidence
Professional Capability | Enhanced knowledges & application

The DV Capability Framework was developed as part of the 2015 DV [email protected] Project, and continues to guide operational activity ensuring holistic support for video in education is prioritised.

So! How did we go?

In terms of Adoption 2017 saw a sharp increase (almost double) in demand for CYO studios, with over 1.5k CYO Sessions undertaken across Griffith.

Dynamic Capabilities

The cost/benefit here (based on traditional Production costs of between $330 -$990 per hour) could be articulated as providing a minimum of $508,865k in value to our Community.

CYO Sessions: 2015 (260), 2016 (788), 2017 (1519)

CYO Sessions compared across 2015, 2016 and 2017


The activities below also supported the ability of the CYO Service to enhance Organisational capabilities across this important L&T area in 2017:

  • Establishment of a new Southbank Campus CYO Studio
  • Provision of 3 iterative enhancements to CYO features & workflow
  • On call & remote support to CYO users
  • Development of CYO Video resource videos
  • Advice and assistance to VR & video projects both within & outside of Learning Futures
  • equipment loans
  • Establishment of the CYO Users Group (Yammer.com/Griffith.edu.au)
Personal Capabilities & Professional Capabilities

We have several ways to indicate how our CYO Studios and related services support our Community in terms of Personal and Professional capability-building.

Repeat Sessions

Repeat Sessions indicate a positive level of efficiency and ease-of-use, as well as confidence in the service. 2017 saw 931 Repeat Sessions undertaken.

Personal & Professional Capability Indicators

Each year our CYO Community are surveyed (DV [email protected] Survey) to ensure our service model provides the support and infrastructure our community requires.  The results provide personal and professional capability indicators such as those featured in the following 2017 snapshot.

CyO studio capability snapshot 2017

CYO studio capability snapshot 2017 | Source: 2017 DV Capability Survey 2017, Learning Futures. 12.5% CYO User sample.

Our favorite metric?  We love them all, and know we are expanding in the right direction when we see 97% of our surveyed users were ‘confident to show others how to use the CYO Studios’.


The CYO (Create Your Own) Video Studios are available for any staff member, in any element, to use free of charge to produce videos for learning and teaching. There are 6 studios on 4 campuses, and all are fully automated.

Find out more at our source: CYO Video Studios | Explore L and T

Keep an eye out for future CYO Studio posts as there are exciting directions coming this year.

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CYO Users Group on Yammer

CYO Users Group on Yammer