Mun Yee Lai, from the Department of Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management (Griffith Business School) has just received the 100th digital badge awarded through the Teaching for Learning program. Mun Yee received the badge for successful completion of the Using Assessment for Learning module which is one of the seven that make up this micro-credentialled professional learning program.

Completion of the full program leads to Associate Fellowship of Advance HE and eligibility for credit into the Graduate Certificate of University Learning and Teaching.

We asked Mun Yee a few questions about the digital badges and the Teaching for Learning program in general. Here’s what she had to say.

How long you have been at Griffith?

I have been a Sessional Lecturer and Tutor in Griffith Business School, Department of Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management for about six years. I am thankful to Griffith University for supporting my PhD study, and providing me with career opportunities to teach, research and learn in a sound and quality environment.

What were your reasons for undertaking the Teaching for Learning Program?

Nowadays, technology is so advanced and provides the source of unlimited access to knowledge. The challenges of a lecturer are to justify why it is worthwhile for students to accept specific subjects, attend face-to-face or online classes, participate in activities, and complete their assessment items. Being aware of these challenges, I attended ongoing professional development—Teaching for Learning Program, and continuously refine my teaching skills with new approaches and practices. During this time, I learned the importance to continually review the effectiveness of pedagogies used in teaching, based on students’ productive learning. The program has taught me to design a good mix of engaging activities to ensure student involvement, to build deep learning and develop higher-order thinking skills.

What value do you see in gaining digital badges?

The digital badges indicate the value of caring. The caring value is at the heart of teaching practice and profession. It is also a celebration for both the institution and teaching team who care to make a difference, and to foster quality teaching that matters for student learning outcomes, for today and the future. I would like to acknowledge the backbone of the Learning Futures support team, under the inspiring leadership of Dr Jude Williams. It is a joy to learn from your team, who demonstrate caring, compassion and respect for others, and to strive to be a positive role model for excellent teaching. This in turn, encourages me to learn and grow.

If you are interested in the digital badges and the Teaching for Learning program, please contact Dr. Jude Williams [email protected]