Learning Futures would like to extend a warm congratulations to Louise Mayhew, who is Griffith University’s 100th HEA Fellowship recipient! Louise, from the Arts Education and Law Group, was awarded Associate Fellowship (AFHEA) through the Teaching for Learning Program in Trimester 1.

We asked Louise what she learned through the process of applying for HEA Fellowship, and she shared this great response:

“I found many of the lessons reassuring because they aligned with what I already intuitively, or subconsciously, knew to be true. Yet the larger lesson, which I couldn’t have foreseen, was the importance of articulating this knowledge to my students. Now I allow time for how and why we learn. Students have a stronger sense that everything in a course, including their engagement, has a purpose.”

Louise Mayhew

If you are interested in applying for Fellowship through one of the HEA [email protected] programs, you are invited to register for one of the information sessions coming up at the Gold Coast and Nathan campuses in November. You can also visit the website for more information about the programs.

Many thanks to Dr Paula Myatt for contributions to this post.