Many of you will be familiar with the use of Collaborate in [email protected] In case you missed the news earlier, Collaborate is no longer supported, so we’ve been rolling out the new version Collaborate Ultra across the last few Trimesters to support this change.

Collaborate Ultra Affordances

Collaborate Ultra offers a range of engaging features and functions in a streamlined way including:

  • Live closed Captioning (Accessibility & Inclusion)
  • Office hours
  • Schedule sessions
  • Record sessions
  • Lead lectures or virtual classes
  • Tutoring and mentoring sessions
  • Group work
  • Create breakout groups
  • Add files
  • Share applications
  • Use a virtual whiteboard to interact
  • Pre-load your content prior to a session

Enhanced Features

  • Use the Blackboard & Blackboard Instructor app to access sessions on your mobile device or via your internet browser
  • You no longer required to install the launcher to use the tool
  • Ability to ‘live caption’ if you have a translater
  • Use Chromebooks & Windows/Surface tablets. These devices were previously not compatible with the original Blackboard Collaborate toolHave Course Instructors added as Moderators by default when they enter a session

The time is now!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out Collaborate Ultra, visit ExLNT (Explore L&T) for more information and links to other support resources.