It's on all of us Week

At Griffith University, we all share a responsibility to create respectful and safe campus communities, where assault, harassment and disrespectful behaviours are not tolerated.  It’s on all of us!

  1. It’s on all of us to  recognise when something’s not right;

  2. It’s on all of us to  be effective bystanders;

  3. It’s on all of us to  know how to support our friends and colleagues;

  4. It’s on all of us to  call out and report disrespectful behaviour;

  5. It’s on all of us to  create safe campus communities.

All staff and students are encouraged to participate in It’s On All Of Us week activities to increase awareness, understanding and confidence.

The events are to be held 20 – 24 August 2018 across all five (5) campuses, and include workshops, panels and performances. Support the safety of our Campus, Students and Colleagues by becoming more informed and involved.

Find out more and sign up for events on the ‘It’s on all of us’ site here.