This post was contributed by Dr. Jude Williams (SFHEA), Senior Consultant (Learning and Teaching), Learning Futures.

Curious to see how your colleagues are using active learning in their classes? Want to experience an interactive lecture? Fancy sharing what you do via a poster presentation and maybe winning $400 for doing so? Then the Teaching using Engaging and Empowering Pedagogies event is perfect for you!

About the event

This event will be held on Tuesday 22 October, during Celebrating Learning and Teaching Week. It kicks off with our keynote speaker Dr Jared Cooney Horvath, an Educational Neuroscientist at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne. Jared’s presentation entitled The Lecture Ain’t Dead: How to Ensure Engagement & Learning During Lectures will model the incorporation of simple active learning strategies into a large class lecture.

You can then choose to attend open classes facilitated by Griffith staff. In these sessions, you will experience engaging and empowering pedagogies from a student perspective. A unique opportunity, not to be missed.

An important part of the event will be the sharing of ideas and practices through collegial conversations. To facilitate these discussions and to build networks between educators, we have organised a lunchtime poster presentation session at the event. This poster presentation session is designed specifically for early career educators* who are using engaging and empowering pedagogies in their teaching and/or learning support.

Poster Prizes

The poster competition includes prizes worth $1000 in total. The purpose of the prizes is to promote and recognise excellence in visually communicating the design and facilitation of engaging and empowering pedagogies (active, authentic and collaborative learning strategies) in Griffith courses and/or programs, or learning support sessions (e.g. professional learning workshops, PhD. Supervision etc).

There are two categories of prizes:

1. The panel’s choice – Posters judged by our keynote speaker and a panel of Griffith L&T staff.

First Prize  


Second prize


Third Prize


2. The people’s choice – Posters assessed by colleagues. The best poster prize will be awarded to the poster that receives the highest number of votes during the poster session. Event participants will vote using the low tech, coloured sticky dots that will be available during lunch.

First Prize  


Second prize


Third Prize


The winners will be announced at the close of the Teaching Using Engaging and Empowering Pedagogies event.

Evaluation Criteria

There are two evaluation criteria. These are:

Pedagogical designThe content of the poster includes: the learning and teaching context in which you are using engaging and empowering pedagogies; your reasons for using this/these pedagogy/ies; the strategies that you have incorporated into your facilitation/teaching; challenges, issues that emerged after introducing your strategies; data and/or information gathered; and your reflections on the experience as well as what you will do next. Technical presentationOverall visual appeal (layout of text and figures), readability (font size, quality of printing, etc.), balance between text and figures/pictures. You may supplement your printed poster with a digital demo if your design entails specific use of technology. Please indicate if you intend to do this in your submission.

The Submission Process

You are invited to submit an abstract, summarising your use of engaging and empowering pedagogies for presentation as a poster in hard copy format.

In your submission, please include one or two sentences about why you perceive yourself as an early career educator, and indicate your role in the submission (if work is part of a collaborative/ team work). Closing date for submission of your abstract is Friday 23 August 2019.

All abstracts submitted will be reviewed by a panel. You will be notified by Friday 30 August 2019, if the abstract for your poster has been accepted.

Once accepted you will be asked to prepare your full poster by early October.

Preparation of Abstract

To submit an abstract please follow the link below. Abstracts will only be accepted via the on-line submission form.

Please use this structure to prepare your abstract.

  • Title of Poster: The title should clearly and succinctly identify the contents of the abstract
  • Authors: Enter each author separately and identify whether the individual is the primary author or a co-author. Include the authors Academic Group or Element
  • Context: Provide brief information about the learning and teaching context in which you are using engaging and empowering pedagogies.
  • Rationale: Explain your reasons for this/these pedagogies
  • Engaging and empowering strategies: Describe the strategies that you have incorporated into your facilitation/teaching
  • Challenges faced: Describe any challenges, issues that emerged after introducing your strategies
  • Lessons learned: Reflect on your experiences of incorporating engaging and empowering pedagogies into your practice, and what you will do next as a result of your use of these pedagogies. If you have data/ evidence arising out of your work, please include this.

Link to abstract submission form

Please use this link to submit your abstract for the poster presentation.

 Word limitYour abstract should be no more than 700 words in total. Preparing your full posterIf your abstract is successful you may prepare your full poster which you should bring to the event on Tuesday 22 October.

Hard copy poster 

The maximum acceptable size for a poster is A0 (84×119 cm) and should be in portrait format. Participants are asked to bring their printed poster with them as no poster printers will be available at the event. You should display your poster by 9am on Tuesday 22nd October.

Poster Design

If you would like to get some quick ideas for Poster Design, visit this post. 

Please note

You do not need to be registered for the event before submitting an abstract for a poster, but once your abstract has been accepted the presenting author or one of the co-authors should be at the poster session to answer questions and provide further information.

If the submitting author is not able to participate in the event, please contact Tina Hodson to inform her of any changes. You can select a co-author or a colleague to be the new presenting author or withdraw the abstract.

Whatever you decide, please contact Tina Hodson immediately, to let her know of any changes to your submission. Email: [email protected]

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the poster presentations, please contact:

Dr. Jude Williams (SFHEA)

Email: [email protected]

*We adopt a broad, inclusive, use of the term ‘educator’. An educator is someone who is involved in some way, in educating (e.g., teaching courses, tutoring, learning support, research or clinical supervision, etc). Similarly, we recognise that there are diverse pathways to being an educator, so instead of predetermining a criteria for what constitutes one to be in the ‘early career’ stage, we ask you specify why you think you classify as an early career educator. You may enter this competition regardless of your employment status at the University (open to all – casual, sessional, full-time, etc).

Interested in attending the event?

Registration is now open. Feel free to register if you are presenting a poster and would like to attend the other sessions on the day, or if you would just like to be part of the event as an attendee.

Event details

Date: Tuesday 22 October, 2019
Time: 9.30 am – 2.30 pm
Venue: Nathan campus

How to register

Register online. You will be able to choose which sessions you would like to register for.