Call for Participation

As part of the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) and e-Assessment Enhancement Portfolio of projects, Griffith Business School and Learning Futures are currently trialling a suite of Self and Group Assessment Plugins.

This trial is going extremely well, and we’d like to extend and deepen the Trial to include other Academic Groups and a selection of other FeedbackFruits Plugins supporting interactive, active, collaborative and feedback-driven learning.

Assignment Review Plugin in Process

Here’s what some of our current Trial participants are saying about the Self & Group Assessment so far …

It has prompted me to seek and provide feedback as part of the completion of any activity as an means to improve performance. It has also challenged my ability to address “conflict” and providing constructive feedback to others.

Anon Student, GBS

It was excellent – we used it for reviewing presentations, but it was a) super easy to set up; b) great for collating feedback to groups; c) easy for students to use – no issues at all (smile).

Learning & Teaching Consultant (Design), Griffith Sciences

My key take away was that I was negatively biased towards myself and positively biased when providing comments for other team members. this prompted me to evaluate attributes and behaviours objectively so as to provide constructive feedback for all members.

Anon Student, Griffith Sciences
Interactive Video Plugin in process
Interactive Video Plugin in Process

So, what are the FeedbackFruits Plugins and how do they work?

The FeedbackFruits Plugin Suite is a set of fully integrated tools in [email protected] (for Trial courses), allowing for Mark Centre data flow and in-context access by Students. The FeedbackFruits Suite is focussed on feedback in all its’ modes, and includes:

  • Group Member Evaluation – available for trial now
  • Peer & Self Assessment – available for trial now
  • Interactive Video – available for trial now
  • Interactive Document – available for trial now
  • Interactive Presentation – available for trial now
  • Comprehension of Document – available for trial now
  • Assignment Review – available for trial now

Click below images to see overview videos and Trial information.

FeedbackFruits on ExLNT
Click above images to access more information about FeedbackFruits

How do I join the Trial?

Start by checking out the Plugins above, see which ones might best suit your curriculum and activities or add some Active Learning component to your Pedagogy. We then suggest talking with your Learning & Teaching Consultant (Design).

You can sign up for the Trial via the ExLNT entries above, and we’ll be in contact with you soon.

The FeedbackFruits Trial Team