You’ve started using the Echo360 Active Learning Platform:

  • presentation uploaded? Tick.
  • interactive slides added and ready to go? Tick.
  • question and answer turned on? Tick.
  • students are as excited as you and are engaging more with the content? Hmm.


Now that you are using platform with the enhanced features, are you finding that your students are not using the extra functionality? This a common concern I hear when I ask academics how their use of the platform is going. So, I have put together some key pointers to help you get your students more involved with using the platform.

  • Give your students notice before the lecture

There are resources you can send to your students ahead of time to prepare them. Check out the Echo360 student page on the [email protected] website. Here you’ll find information you can send to your students. There is an explanation on how to connect to the new platform, finding the link in your [email protected] course site, the features etc.

  • Explain how and why you are using the Echo360 Active Learning Platform

What are the benefits to the students? The study guide is a great feature: it’s a great revision tool, one spot to keep all study resources for the course.  How are you using these features in relation to your course? Are you using the responses and questions from your students to help plan future classes or revision resources? If so, tell them how important it is for you to hear from them.

  • Include an ice-breaker slide

Add one interactive slide at the very beginning to get them in the platform. This can be a slide that asks them how their weekend was – anything to get them connected to the wifi, logged in, and viewing the presentation. Maybe ask them to post their response in the Question and Answer section. They’ll see that the feature is there and be more likely to engage with it.

  • Use your analytics

Decide when you will look at who is engaging with the tool, viewing the presentations etc, and check out what the analytics. From within Echo360, you can see who is logging in, viewing content, engaging or not engaging with the material. If you aren’t sure how to do this, connect with your school’s designated Echo360 support Blended Learning Advisor or Educational Designers, or contact me and I can show you how to get a snapshot of the platform performance.

If you still need ideas or don’t know how to do any of the above, there is always support.