It’s that time of the year again, and Blackboard is about to hit the Conference circuit with their annual TLC (Teaching & Learning Conference) and of course, the associated Blackboard Awards.  Blackboard (or ‘[email protected]) is the primary Learning Management System here at Griffith, and chances are you are using it and the associated toolset to enhance the learning experience for your student, or collegial cohorts and community.

The 2019 Blackboard Awards give you the opportunity to nominate yourself or others you know are doing some award-winning work in the system, Community or Institution.

The 2019 Categories include:

  1. Inclusive Education Development
    • This award honours those customers whose methods have ensured their pedagogy, content, technology, and educational services are fully inclusive and supportive of all learners with disabilities.  Submit your entry here. 
  2. Leading Change
    • This award recognises institutions who are on the forefront of educational innovation; those who contextualise, plan for, and generate change in their communities in areas such as, but not limited to, teaching and learning practices, technological innovation, software development, and more. This award recognises those who champion active collaboration with others, cooperation, and sharing. Submit your entry here.
  3. Professional Development
    • This award recognises those who use Blackboard programs to support and enhance their faculty and staff’s professional development. This can include anything from creative learning opportunities to on-the-job training in the newest technologies, and should display an organisation-wide dedication to innovative training & development programs. Submit your entry here.
  4. Student Success
    • This award recognises individuals and/or institutions whose creative program application has led to increased retention, increased completion, and/or improved outcomes through the implementation of new academic and/or administrative resources, data analytics solutions, scalable advising and intervention strategies, student support programs, and more. Submit your entry here. 

Nominations close 26th July, 2019. Award winners will be announced at TLCANZ19 to be held on Thursday 22nd August.

For more information, visit the Blackboard Awards site here.