The ACODE Executive has announced the 2018 ACODE Innovation in TEL Awards are now open.

Initiated by ACODE in 2016, the Award has been received very well across the Australasian Higher Education Sector, with over 60 nominations submitted across the last two years by ACODE Institutional members (Yes! Griffith University is an Institutional Member).  Nominations close end Sept.

There is a 10K prize (towards Professional Learning) for you/your team.

To help you plan, Award nominations consist of the following:

  • Video Overview – up to 10 minutes (Learning Futures CYO Studios are perfect for this)
  • Written Selection criteria
    • Capability building & organisational impact – How has your TEL Initiative had substantial impact beyond our own Teaching or individual practice? For example: Discipline, School, College, Department or University-wide change initiatives designed to raise capabilities in resource development or teaching engagement in the online environment.
    • Sustainability – How might this type of innovation be sustained in dynamic financial environments? For example, how can this type of innovation be easily sustained where staff mobility is a risk? How can the innovation be scaled to meet flux in demand or budget?
    • Reproducibility – How can this type of innovation be reproduced, re-adapted or replicated to meet demand (yours or other Universities)? For example, application of creative commons licensing, or submission of Learning Objects as OERs, or an initiative that may scale up to a ‘whole of University’ transformation.
    • Student success – How does this innovation supports Student Success and enhanced Learning outcomes? For example, evidenced attainment of enhanced marks or increased retention via the introduction of a TEL component or initiative.
  • Supporting Evidence Doc – data, studies, pilot outcomes etc.

All criteria & submission information can be found in the ACODE Application Pack at the ACODE Site at: