Making your course content accessible for all

You might have noticed a few new indicators next to your Blackboard ([email protected]) Course content this Trimester. This is the new Blackboard Ally in motion.

Interview with Dr Jon Scott (Blackboard), August 2019, Griffith University

BbAlly is fully integrated within [email protected] Courses and Organisations, working in three (3) ways to enhance the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) in the context of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Inclusion and Accessibility for all.

1 – For your Cohort

  • Providing alternative formats for those files you have added to your [email protected] Course or Organisation.
Alternative Formats across multiple devices

2 – For your Build

  • Providing Accessibility Indicators across your Course Content that only you can see
  • Providing you step-by-step accessibility coaching as you build your accessible Course content
BbAlly Content Indicator

3 – For Legacy Courses

  • Providing you a Full Course Report, allowing you to overhaul a copied or legacy Course to enhanced standards of accessibility
BbAlly Accessibility Report
BbAlly Course Accessibility Report

For more information about BbAlly, and where to find support, visit the BbAlly entry on ExLNT (Explore Learning & Teaching)