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Introducing ‘Develop’… Creating SMART Learning Outcomes just got easier!

When designing and developing our courses, we usually start with the end in mind. We ask questions such as: What is it that… Read More

2018 Learning and Teaching Awards: Information and resources for applicants

If you are considering applying for a Group Learning and Teaching Citation or Griffith Award for Excellence in Teaching this year, please… Read More

2018 Learning and Teaching Awards: Available opportunities

In February, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), Professor Debra Henly, launched the Griffith Citations and Awards for Excellence in Teaching Scheme. The scheme… Read More

Quick Q and A: Faculty Sparks

Maybe you’ve heard about Faculty Sparks or know of one of your colleagues who has created one. Maybe you haven’t heard about… Read More

CYO YouTube captions | A+ for Accessibility

The last decade has seen video content become an integral component of the Learning & Teaching toolbox.  As Flipped, Hybrid, Work-Integrated and Online models of… Read More

On the Circuit (Health): Upcoming Conferences & Events

Our regular On the Circuit posts will keep you up to date with upcoming opportunities to attend and participate in diverse conferences and events Nationally and Internationally. Read More

‘Teachable Moments’ & Turnitin

The original article Using Turnitin to Teach Students Not to Plagiarize was first published by ‘Inside Higher Ed’ and features the… Read More

Preparing for ASCD conversations: Workshops for academics and supervisors

Griffith is committed to being innovative and transformational in our learning and teaching practices. We recognise that the development and recognition of… Read More

Increasing student engagement and active learning with Echo360

Increasing student engagement and implementing active learning strategies (and maintaining them) can be struggles in themselves. But there are tools available that can assist and… Read More

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