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ExLNT Wins 2018 ACODE Innovation in TEL Award

Learning Futures is proud to announce ExLNT (Explore Learning and… Read More

Q and A with Samantha Carruthers

Samantha Carruthers from Learning Futures, along with Dr Sven Venema from the School of Information and Communication Technology, received a 2018 Griffith Learning… Read More

Congratulations to recipients of 2018 Griffith Grants for Learning and Teaching

Congratulations to the recipients of 2018 Griffith Grants for Learning and Teaching. We look forward to the contribution that each of these projects… Read More

That’s a wrap: Photos and more from the 2018 Vice Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Awards

Each year, the outstanding achievements and contributions of some of our remarkable teachers are recognised at the Vice Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Awards. The night… Read More

[email protected] released earlier than anticipated after SaaS Upgrade

What changes have been made to [email protected]? We have migrated [email protected] from local servers to a “Software as a Service” a… Read More

Microlearn: How to remove a submission in ATLAS

So one of your students has accidentally submitted the wrong thing for a PebblePad assessment piece?  Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. … Read More

Students as Partners | 1st IRU Reimagining WIL Webinar

You are invited to the IRU ‘Students as Partners‘ webinar, the first of a new Reimagining WIL Series hosted by Associate Professor Amani… Read More

Q and A with Dr Stephanie Schleimer

Dr Stephanie Schleimer received a 2018 Griffith Learning and Teaching Citation for creating a challenging and rewarding learning environment that maximises students’ motivation… Read More

Q and A with Dr Taeko Imura

Dr Taeko Imura, from the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science, received a 2018 Griffith Award for Excellence in Teaching for innovative… Read More

Q and A with Professor David Neumann

Professor David Neumann and colleagues in the REDBOOK Development Team (Associate Professor Frances O’Callaghan, Dr Karen Murphy, Associate Professor Caroline Donovan and Kylie… Read More