Are you preparing an Expression of Interest for this year’s round of Griffith Grants for Learning and Teaching? If so, you will be interested in the new online modules designed to support you in the development of your grant EOI.

The online modules aim to support eligible staff develop EOIs and Full Applications that address the selection criteria and meet the compliance requirements of the Griffith Grants for Learning and Teaching Group Projects Scheme Guidelines. We strongly recommend that you complete the online modules if you are interested in applying for a Griffith Grant for Learning and Teaching in 2018. The modules feature exemplars of previously successful applications, and recommended planning steps that will give you the best opportunity to prepare a successful and compliant application.

Accessing the online modules

The online modules can be accessed anytime via [email protected] and will guide you through the process of preparing your application, including:

  • Overview, recommended planning steps and guiding principles
  • Application requirements (EOI)
  • Developing the aim and rationale
  • Developing the project approach and methodology
  • Articulating project deliverables and outcomes
  • Developing the budget
  • Reviewing your EOI and submission

Before you can access the content in the modules, you may need to self-enrol. This is really easy to do; just click on the self-enrol link on the homepage or in the sidebar navigation of the [email protected] Learning Futures Award and Grant Writing Modules organisation (see screenshot below) and follow the instructions.

How to self-enrol in the online Learning and Teaching Award and Grant Writing Modules

We will be evolving these modules over time, so if you have any feedback or comments on the modules you would like to share, please email [email protected]. Learning Futures wishes you all the best in preparing your application.

Need more support?

Visit the Learning and Teaching Grants website for more information about available grant opportunities, application and submission forms and how to make a connection with a mentor from your academic group who can provide feedback. There is also a link to the guidelines, which contain the detailed requirements and instructions you’ll need when preparing your application.

Visit the Learning and Teaching Grants website for more information about 2018 Griffith Grants for Learning and Teaching