100 Jobs of the Future

Educators from Griffith University have teamed up with colleagues from Deakin University and Ford Australia to release 100 Jobs of the Future – a new report and online quiz to help Australians explore the future of work, with jobs including Autonomous Vehicle Designer, Cyborg Psychologist, Space Tourism Operator, and Robot Ethicist predicted by experts across industry and academia.

About the report

The 100 Jobs of the Future report offers a diverse sample of potential jobs, including titles, descriptions and skills required, across numerous sectors. The report was developed through comprehensive analysis of existing literature on work futures, as well as in-depth interviews with 11 experts representing industries critical to future work: health, agriculture, engineering and materials science, transport and mobility, computing and artificial intelligence, commerce, and education.

“Through our research for the 100 Jobs of the Future report, we predict a more complex and changing world of work, but one where young people will be able to find or create exciting work opportunities that make the most of their interests and skills.”

Ruth Bridgstock, Professor and Deputy Director of Teaching and Curriculum Transformation at Griffith University

Future workers will have many jobs over a lifetime, and people who can adapt and stay ahead of the needs of the workplace, rather than waiting to be shown, will prosper. The capacity to learn, and to be strategic about learning, will increasingly become the key to success.

Job Explorer Tool

Everyone has characteristics that make them unique. Different people have different combinations of interests, aptitudes, and skills. The job explorer tool is an online quiz that has been designed to help participants identify some of their career interests and aptitudes.

On the basis of their answers, the job explorer will recommend some of the ‘100 Jobs of the Future’ that may be a fit for them. This is a great way to inspire students to think about their future career directions.

Resources for educators

Three activities have been developed that educators can use to scaffold students through the 100 Jobs of the Future – Job Explorer.

Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3
Understanding Our Self and Our Interests for Future Jobs Exploring and Investigating Career Paths of Interest Exploring Jobs of the future

Find out more

Visit the website to find out more about 100 Jobs of the Future.

Visit the website

If you have any questions or comments about 100 Jobs of the Future, get in touch with the project team.