PhD Candidate, Elaine Yang been busy on a 3 month tourism visiting four universities and attending 2 conferences in the UK and Europe. Elaine recently presented at a research seminar, “Gendered Cultures, Cultured Genders” organised by Copenhagen Business School, Denmark where she shared her PhD findings on the risk perception and mitigation strategies of Asian solo female travellers. Elaine also delivered a lecture for undergraduate students major in tourism at Copenhagen Business School. She challenged the students to consider tourism space, tourist risk-taking behaviour and gender from a different perspective. The engaging lecture spurred interesting discussions among the students and ended with several students, both male and female, raising pertinent questions on how to enhance equality in contemporary tourism practices.

Elaine was also invited to deliver 3 guest lectures at Kempten University, Germany. She talked about Innovative Qualitative Research Methods in a postgraduate course, Service Management: Case Studies on Cross-cultural Service Encounters, and International Marketing: A Cross-cultural ZMET Investigation on Food and Eating Perception of Malaysian Chinese and Taiwanese in two undergraduate courses.

Photos from Elaine Yang’s guest lectures: