Ingo Janowski is a PhD candidate at the Department of Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management at Griffith University and a member of the Griffith Institute for Tourism.

Ingo’s PhD focuses on cross-cultural perceptions and behavioural intentions towards adventure tourism, comparing the traditional adventure tourism youth markets of Australia and Germany with the emerging Chinese market. The aim of his research is to develop a consumer-based conceptualisation of adventure tourism and to inform the industry of cultural differences between consumer groups with respect to effective promotion and design of adventure tourism experiences.

As an avid traveller who values a dose of adventure himself, Ingo is highly interested in different cultures’ values, attitudes and behaviours and has made his passions the focus of his research.

Ingo has over seven years of study experience at a university level across four countries, holding a bachelor’s degree in International Tourism Management and a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship & Tourism.

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