Associate Pofessor Kevin Filo recently visited the Division of Sport Management at Texas A&M University whilst on ASP. During his visit he sat in on an ideas exchange with the Texas A&M Sport Management PhD students, wherein topics such as: the differences in the sport systems in the US versus Australia, the relevance of US professional sport to the Australian market, and the similarities and differences in the PhD experience across US and Australia; were discussed (pictured).
Kevin was also given a virtual tour of the Laboratory for Diversity in Sport by the lab’s Director, Professor George Cunningham, who provided a background on how the Laboratory got started, and the initiatives in place that allow the lab to engage with the community. He then attended a meet-and-greet for the Center for Sport Management and Education at A&M that was focused on promoting cross-disciplinary collaboration.
Kevin is very grateful to Texas A&M for the generous hospitality and the insights gleaned. It was a productive visit, and an excellent opportunity to learn how the Division of Sport Management at Texas A&M is innovating within the field.