GIFT member Associate Professor Kevin Filo working with David Fechner and Yuhei Inoue have published a research paper on ‘Charity sport event participants and fundraising: An examination of constraints and negotiation strategies’.

The paper examines fundraising fatigue. 

“Charity sport events provide participants with a meaningful event experience, and the opportunity to support a charitable cause is a critical component of this experience. This opportunity often involves fundraising, either as a requirement of event participation or as an option to supplement registration. However, fundraising as part of charity sport event participation is a difficult task.”

“In the current research, the authors examine the challenges faced by charity sport event participants in soliciting donations, and the effort made to overcome these challenges. Constraint negotiation served as a theoretical framework to guide this examination. Semi-structured interviews (N = 27) were conducted with Triathlon Pink participants to discuss their fundraising process and their attitudes towards fundraising.”

“Four constraints were revealed: lack of receptivity among potential donors, perceived lack of money from potential donors, discomfort in asking, and lack of time. These constraints were negotiated through three strategies: narrative, prizes and incentives, and emphasising that any bit helps.”

“Based upon the themes uncovered, charity sport event managers can implement increased education of fundraisers and point of sale donations within the registration process.”

This paper is the first phase of a two phase project examining the fundraising process within charity sports events. The second manuscript is currently under review.

To read the full research paper, click here.