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Data collection from Rush Mela festival, Bangladesh

Shahida Khanom, a PhD candidate at GIFT, is conducting research on “Co-lingual hot authentication of intangible cultural heritage: the Rush Mela festival in the Bangladesh… Read More

The Third East West Dialogue on Tourism and the Chinese Dream

This dialogue celebrated the China-Australia Year of Tourism and also the UN Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. Therefore it was appropriate to focus on… Read More

My Green Butler – Christopher Warren’s innovative research into smart and sustainable tourism accommodation

The question ‘how can we invite guests to actively participate to save resources whilst on holiday’ has been the quest of my research at Griffith… Read More

DestinationQ: Industry partnership between the Queensland Government and the tourism sector

DestinationQ is the peak tourism industry partnership between the Queensland Government and the tourism sector. A forum is organised once a year and its current… Read More

The Pokémon Go craze and tourism businesses

Pokémon Go – a game where people look for virtual creatures in public spaces and businesses can be a cost-effective marketing tools to ‘lure’… Read More

Griffith University and EarthCheck cross-fertilising ideas

Dr Brent Moyle has recently been engaged in the EarthCheck office in Brisbane where he worked on a project focused on the Daisy… Read More

Getting to the Heart of Virtual Nature Based Tourism Experiences

Dr Brent Moyle from the Griffith Institute for Tourism in collaboration with A/Prof Haseler, A/Prof Peart and Mr Matthew Wells from the Heart Foundation… Read More

Regional Tourism and Employment: Managing the opportunity

Last week, Queensland’s Palaszczuk Government announced a major boost to tourism funding — with a particular focus on capitalising on… Read More

Development of tourism experiences for the Chinese market

The Australian mining boom is over and with it a strong dollar. Tourism is well-positioned to help fill the budgetary gap caused by the collapse… Read More

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