GIFT researchers prepare the Queensland Digital Workforce Development and Training Plan

Technology is transforming the way we work, live and travel. This is especially true in the tourism industry where change is constant. To stay competitive,… Read More

20/20 Insights to Research seminar

The recent 20/20 Insights to Research seminar focused on the topic of ‘Innovative Research Methods’. GIFT members  Dr Ross Westoby, Dr Sam Meng, Dr Elaine… Read More

What is attracting so many Chinese tourists to Queensland?

They are not particularly keen on relaxing on the beach with a beer. So what is attracting half a million Chinese tourists to Queensland each… Read More

Celebrating World Tourism Day with innovative technology

To celebrate World Tourism Day on 27 September, Griffith University showcased some of the innovative work students and staff were doing at GIFT. This year’s theme… Read More

Exchanging ideas in Texas

Associate Pofessor Kevin Filo recently visited the Division of Sport Management at Texas A&M University whilst on ASP. During his visit he sat in on… Read More

Indigenous engagement

GIFT’s Associate Professor Michelle Whitford and Associate Professor Lisa Ruhanen from UQ presented at the Creating Tracks in Tourism Industry Day  – the 7th… Read More

Exponential Energy Transformation – where is Tourism?

Travel and Tourism is without a doubt one of the most successful and fastest changing industries. In many countries travel has now become such an… Read More

Why the environment is more important for the Gold Coast than we think

Visitor numbers to the Gold Coast are increasing – but international tourists are staying shorter and are spending less. Domestic tourism is steady with various… Read More

The Importance of Technology Enabled Services in the Travel Industry

The recent case of a United Airlines’ passenger being violently removed from a plane grew global attention to customer satisfaction in airlines, with modern technologies playing… Read More

Is the knowledge gap too wide to innovate sustainable tourist accommodation?

Is the knowledge gap too wide to innovate sustainable tourist accommodation? There is currently insufficient research to assist the transition for tourist accommodation to become… Read More

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