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Reflecting on the Global Eco Conference 2018 with a focus on the Great Barrier Reef 

Below are five synopsis and key reflections on the Global Eco Conference, presented by researchers from Griffith University who are involved in diverse research… Read More

The Third East West Dialogue on Tourism and the Chinese Dream

This dialogue celebrated the China-Australia Year of Tourism and also the UN Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. Therefore it was appropriate to focus on… Read More

Exponential Energy Transformation – where is Tourism?

Travel and Tourism is without a doubt one of the most successful and fastest changing industries. In many countries travel has now become such an… Read More

APEC on Developing the Tourism workforce of the future

As part of a joint Earthcheck-GIFT team, I was recently involved in organizing a workshop for the APEC Tourism Working Group that examined a broad… Read More

Key Observations from the PATA Global Insights Conference

On Friday 30 September 2016 PATA Global Insights Conference was held in Auckland. The conference brings together some of the best international thought leader… Read More

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