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Navigating the waters of visitor stats while avoiding the sharks!

GIFT Interim Director, Associate Professor Sarah Gardiner, presented her views on the future of visitor research statistics in this panel session on Tuesday 25 June… Read More

Shed our denial and force change in the most important speck in time

Some personal reflections by GIFT researcher, Dr Ross Westoby Reflecting on Al Gore’s ‘Climate Crisis’ training, I ponder the meaning of terming it a ‘climate… Read More

Risk reduction in tourism – how do we measure success?

Johanna Schliephack recently represented GIFT at QTIC’s World Environment Day event. She spoke about air pollution and climate change, how it links to tourism and… Read More

The pros and cons of Airbnb

The rise of Airbnb and other short-stay accommodation options is dividing tourist towns across Australia, with some arguing it creates healthy competition and boosts visitor… Read More

How to cut the Gordian knot of decarbonising tourism? 

Recently I published a paper on “Decarbonising tourism: Mission impossible?” in the journal Tourism Recreation Research. This article provides a brief synopsis of the key arguments made… Read More

20/20 Insights to Research seminar

The recent 20/20 Insights to Research seminar focused on the topic of ‘Innovative Research Methods’. GIFT members  Dr Ross Westoby, Dr Sam Meng, Dr Elaine… Read More

Reflecting on the Global Eco Conference 2018 with a focus on the Great Barrier Reef 

Below are five synopsis and key reflections on the Global Eco Conference, presented by researchers from Griffith University who are involved in diverse research… Read More

Ecotourism – it’s time…

By Rawan Nimri The Global Eco Asia Pacific Tourism Conference “Ecotourism- It’s time…” was recently held across three days in Townsville. Read More

Tourism: to grow or not to grow?

 Impressions from the Global Eco Conference 2018 in Townsville By Johanna Schliephack I was lucky to attend the Global Eco Conference in Townsville last week… Read More

Small hotelier’s ‘My Green Butler’ wins Banksia Award

Dr. Christopher Warren, a recent alumni of Griffith Institute for Tourism and founder of ‘My Green Butler’ has been awarded the prestigious Banksia Foundation’s 2018… Read More

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