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The Importance of Technology Enabled Services in the Travel Industry

The recent case of a United Airlines’ passenger being violently removed from a plane grew global attention to customer satisfaction in airlines, with modern technologies playing… Read More

Partnerships to create innovative tourist experiences – the role of research

All too often, research projects have a tendency to assess the impacts of a tourism development after it had occurred, rather than working with communities… Read More

PhD workshop: “Qualitative Research” by Dr. Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore

Another series of PhD. workshop with teleconference from Nathan to Gold Coast has done successfully on 25th November 2016 about the “Qualitative Research” by Dr. Read More

DestinationQ: Industry partnership between the Queensland Government and the tourism sector

DestinationQ is the peak tourism industry partnership between the Queensland Government and the tourism sector. A forum is organised once a year and its current… Read More

PhD Candidate, Elaine Yang guest lectures in the UK and Europe

PhD Candidate, Elaine Yang been busy on a 3 month tourism visiting four universities and attending 2 conferences in the UK and Europe. Elaine recently presented… Read More

Working together for sustainable tourism

Working together for sustainable tourism – Reflections from the International Symposium on Sustainable Tourism side event to the UN Climate Change Conference The recent… Read More

The Next Stage of Sustainable Tourism – Measurement

Tourism is often associated with the positive impacts it brings to local communities and destinations. The Sustainable Tourism movement is now several decades old, and… Read More

The Push of Climate Change action and the pull of economic growth: What could sustainable tourism be like in Morocco

As a country with 100 million annual beach visitors, nine delicate UNESCO world heritage sites and aspirations to double tourism,… Read More

APEC on Developing the Tourism workforce of the future

As part of a joint Earthcheck-GIFT team, I was recently involved in organizing a workshop for the APEC Tourism Working Group that examined a broad… Read More

M2M – measure to manage towards a ‘carbon budget’

We are all used to measuring and reporting our financial accounts. Often we operate within a fixed budget and need to manage resources carefully. Overspending… Read More

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