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MFA is making your data more secure

Why is Griffith introducing MFA? Universities are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals to access confidential information through the collection of user credentials. Griffith is introducing Multi Factor… Read More

Long weekend = YOU time

Three more sleeps until a three-day weekend. Do you have plans? Study, work or play? Did you know that sleep, rest and play can actually… Read More

Rewatch your lectures – let it all sink in

Life these days can be pretty distracting – focusing on one thing is a good goal but not always simple. Do you ever leave… Read More

Smell the flowers during exam time

Do you stare at a screen for more than two hours a day? Are you on social media — FB, Insta, TikTok, Snapchat? In a… Read More

Telehealth for your wellbeing

You can’t pour from an empty cup. So goes a saying that we all need to tell ourselves daily: taking care of ourselves is the… Read More

Be a cyber warrior: beware of browser extensions

Have you installed an extension on your browser recently — Chrome or Firefox, Internet Explorer (Edge) or Safari? Or maybe you’re tempted by an Ad… Read More

It’s on All of Us

As individuals, we can make changes to ensure our campus, and even society is a respectful and safe environment. At Griffith University, we all share… Read More

Scams Awareness Week 17-21 August 2020

With so much of our lives being lived online in 2020, it’s not surprising reports of scams are up 55 per cent from this… Read More

Online study

Studying online can be great. We can study from anywhere with an internet connection, or if you download documents onto your device, you can study… Read More