Ahmed Athif was determined that no child should be left behind in the education system in the Maldives. 

Beginning his career as a teacher, Ahmed recognised that the current curriculum did not cater for any children with learning difficulties or special needs and has worked to influence public policy on the issue ever since. 

His impact is the reason he is a Griffith University 2021 Outstanding International Alumni Award Winner.

‘My time at Griffith gave me the fundamentals of what I am doing right now, it gave me windows to explore my work into various avenues,’ says Athif of his time studying his Master of Education (Special Education). 

Since 2007, Athif has played a key role in several initiatives introduced throughout his island nation to enable individuals with disabilities and learning difficulties to not only access and participate in their community but also experience a quality education in regular schools.

‘What I got from Griffith was beyond just a degree. Griffith University held my hand, and then allowed me to take my journey that further step’, he says. 

Griffith University’s Outstanding Alumni Awards recognise and celebrate the diverse achievements of our alumni, across their fields of endeavour and in their communities. 

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