New study away form

Due to the uncertainty about when travel restrictions will ease and the evolving risks and constraints that may apply to offshore commencement, the study away request form has been updated to include additional questions. The additional information is intended to assist supervisors and other academic approvers to carefully consider the feasibility of offshore commencement. This form is completed by applicants upon offer of admission or scholarship, where they are seeking to commence offshore. You can refer to the Applicant FAQs page for further information.

Payment of scholarship stipends

Please be aware that candidates commencing on study away cannot be paid a stipend into an overseas bank account. Further, whilst some Australian banks allow for an account to be opened whilst overseas, the account cannot be accessed until the candidate has arrived in Australia. Therefore, candidates need to consider if they are able to financially support themselves whilst studying in their home country, as their stipend cannot be paid (including back pay) until arrival in Australia.

If you require any further assistance, please contact Griffith Graduate Research School.