Griffith English Language Institute (GELI) has recently enabled over 80 students to achieve the English language requirement for entry into their Griffith University or Griffith College program for Trimester 1 commencement via the Direct Entry Program (DEP). The highest level of DEP enables students requiring IELTS 6.0, 6.5 and 7.0 to enter their program without needing to submit a proficiency test result.

Griffith International acknowledges excellent performance in DEP by awarding a $1,000 Direct Entry Program (DEP) Scholarship to the highest performing DEP student in each cohort who is progressing to a Griffith undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree.

We congratulate Joomi (Sasha) Son from Korea undertaking a pathway to the Juris Doctor program who was awarded the Direct Entry Program Scholarship.

Joomi (Sasha) Son studied with GELI for 10 weeks and completed the Direct Entry Program (DEP) from Korea in GELI’s virtual classroom. Her academic goal is to successfully complete the Juris Doctor program, and she had studied some legal subjects in Korea before commencing DEP.  DEP gave her an opportunity to use her previous knowledge and apply new skills to do the necessary research and referencing to argue her case in a logically cohesive academic essay in English. Sasha made a huge effort with all her DEP class work and assessments, and was a very worthy winner of the Direct Entry Program Scholarship.

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