‘I would love to have all of our international students back on campus.’

It’s the million-dollar question – when will international students be able to study on campus again in Australia?

Griffith University Vice President (Global) Professor Sarah Todd recently shared her views on this hot topic on Expert Advice with Shakeel Ahmad on Pakistan’s YNN News.

‘Sadly, the borders into Australia remain closed … We are continuing to work very closely with the Queensland Government and the Australian Government on the large-scale return of international students to our campuses,’ Prof. Todd told presenter, Mr Ahmad. 

‘I would really love to have all of our international students back with us here on campus. We are missing the vibrancy and the different cultures and the different experiences that all of our students bring.’

During the interview, Prof. Todd said that students around the world had put their lives on hold in the wake of the global pandemic, and that Griffith University was supporting them to move forward with their study plans.

‘We are encouraging students to start their programs from home and online and we have our Student Experience program we are running virtually. It’s not quite the same as being on campus, but it’s more than teaching and learning,’ she said.

‘We are offering students the opportunity to meet other students, to network, to listen to music and watch movies together. We have done cooking classes, we are doing ‘practise your English classes’ – a range of activities for international students regardless of whether they are here in Australia or somewhere else around the world.’

Prof. Todd also highlighted the generous range of scholarships that Griffith University offers to support international students in easing the cost of study, helping to cover expenses including tuition fees and living allowances, among others.

She said international students may receive a 20 or 25% scholarship to study at Griffith and could apply for the prestigious 50% Remarkable Scholarship. Students will be assessed on academic results submitted with their admissions application. For those who meet the scholarship criteria details will be included in their offer letter.  

Watch the full video here.