Griffith University is proud to support outstanding international students with a generous range of scholarships in 2021–22. 

Among the selection on offer are:  

Neither scholarship requires an application. Students will be assessed on academic results submitted with their admissions application. For those who meet the scholarship criteria details will be included in their offer letter.  

We are also proud to offer the Griffith Remarkable Scholarship, which supports students with 50 per cent of tuition fees for the duration of a program. This highly competitive scholarship does require an application. Students starting in any of the trimesters are eligible to apply. Applications are due in August (for Trimester 3, 2021) December (for Trimester 1, 2022), April (for Trimester 2, 2022), or August 2022 (for Trimester 3, 2022).

Griffith also offers scholarships for pathway students—such as those transferring to university from a Griffith College diploma—and a series of research scholarships in partnership with industry and government organisations. 

For more information about scholarships available to international students, visit the Scholarships webpage