GELI Excellence Award winner enters degree program

GELI continues to enable onshore and offshore students to improve their English proficiency through its virtual classroom and extra-curricular activities program.

All students are eligible for the GELI Excellence Award which recognises an outstanding student at the end of each five-week study period.

We congratulate the latest GELI Excellence Award winner, Li Liu from China, who is on a pathway to Griffith University’s Bachelor of Design.

Li studied with GELI for 10 weeks and completed the Direct Entry Program (DEP) at our Gold Coast campus. She made the most of her time at GELI, motivating other students with her positive attitude and friendly personality when taking part in class and extra-curricular activities.

Making a point to always speak English while in class, Li also made an effort to spend lunch breaks with students from other countries to further practise English. She also always arrived at class and completed all tasks on time and is well-prepared for success when she commences her Bachelor of Design in Trimester 1, 2021.