Griffith University is pleased to announce exciting new course offerings in Visual Arts and Financial Technology

Students now have the opportunity to be the pioneers of their field, with Griffith’s brand new course offerings in Visual Arts and Financial Technology.

Bachelor of Visual Arts

Students will learn methods with deep roots in the history of visual arts and experiment with radical and speculative approaches unimaginable to previous generations of artists. Through a comprehensive blend of theory-based and studio-based learning experiences, students will develop studio skills and research methods that are foundational to a professional art practice or further research studies. You’ll develop an understanding of the artist’s role in contemporary society and become equipped for a wide array of careers in the fields of fine art and visual arts.

To find out more about the Bachelor of Visual Arts, visit our website.

Master of Financial Technology

The Master of Financial Technology offers a qualification that provides advanced studies in modern technology with knowledge of the global financial market. The finance industry is becoming more information and data-driven. Businesses have greatly benefited from using advanced data analytics to improve their financial position.

The program is designed for students, either with or without the background in IT or Finance, to enter a rapidly growing FinTech industry, which includes big data analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, programming and cybersecurity, while at the same time understanding how financial markets function.

To find out more about the Master of Financial Technology, visit our website.