The Institute for Glycomics is one of Australia’s flagship multidisciplinary biomedical research institutes. Comprising over 200 multidisciplinary researchers and support staff, we strive to be world leaders in the discovery and development of next generation drugs, vaccines and diagnostics for diseases of global impact.

GlycoBuzz is the Institute for Glycomics’ educational blog, where our researchers and support staff cover interesting topics from their areas of research, or activity related to our industry, using language that’s easy for the general public to understand.

A vast range of topics, both broad and well-defined, are covered by our bloggers, providing useful information and answers to those questions you’ve probably always wanted to ask but never had the opportunity.

We hope you enjoy the content!

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When referring to the spread of diseases, we so often hear the terms outbreaks, epidemics, and pandemics, but what do these terms actually mean and what are the differences between them? And who has the authority to ‘upgrade’ the threat level of a disease from an epidemic to a pandemic? Dr Benjamin Bailly, Research Scientist at the Institute for Glycomics, answers all these questions and more, providing a very interesting overview on epidemiology – the study and spread of diseases. Read More


The Institute for Glycomics houses a wide range of cutting-edge facilities which aid our research scientists in their ongoing quest to… Read More


Since the onset of the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic, a vaccine against the disease has arguably become one of the most talked about topics in 2020 and 2021. With the introduction of the newly developed COVID-19 vaccines around the world, and their impending roll-out in Australia in early 2021, we felt it timely to deep-dive into the very interesting, and much debated, topic of vaccines. Read More


Human Metapneumovirus (prononouced meta-new-mo-virus), or hMPV in short, is the topic of focus in this blog. But what exactly is hMPV, who is more at risk of severe illness, and how is the Institute’s research combatting this particular pathogen? Annelies delves into all these questions and more… Read More


Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been a lot of talk about Physical Containment Facilities, also known as PC Facilities. But what are they? What is their purpose? Why are they so important? In this article, Dr Carie-Anne Logue, Senior Operations Manager at the Institute for Glycomics, answers all our questions and more. Read More

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