GIER is proud to present the first in our “Three Minute Snapshots” series highlighting the important work being conducted by researchers within our Institute. We recently spoke with our recent HDR graduate, Dr Henry Kwok, about the project Reducing educational disadvantage: teaching professionalism via knowledge collaboratories. 

Dr Kwok is the research fellow attached to this ARC Discovery Project led by Professor Parlo Singh (GIER), Professor Beryl Exley (GIER), Dr Roberta Thompson (Griffith University), Dr Frances Hoyte (Griffith University), Dr Stephen Heimans (The University of Queensland), and Professor Gabrielle Ivinson (Manchester Metropolitan University). 

Originally from Hong Kong, Dr Kwok wrote his PhD on the politics of social changes in Hong Kong and the impacts of these on curriculum. Drawing on his experiences in school teaching and sociology, his research seeks to support and progress pedagogic rights, public education and democracy.

In this video, Dr Kwok discusses:

Why did you undertake this research? | How did you undertake this research? | What were the findings?