Associate Professor Sarah Prestridge has developed 15 teacher professional development videos focused on how to engineer student engagement as a key element of online teaching in the school context. The videos have been uploaded on the Griffith Playlist.

The videos are based on a literature review that produced a model called the S2S Online Engagement Model. It consists of a core model and four different underlying principles for practice. The core model is situated in the centre and focuses on engineering collaborative inquiry to support student self-regulation with understanding of three different types of engagement: cognitive, emotional and behavioural engagement.

The three types of engagement: cognitive, emotional and behavioural are like bouncing balls, shifting in and out of focus but always represented. The core model helps to understand what online student-to-student engagement represents.

The videos are divided into three parts with five videos each:

Set 1- Why? The first set is about pedagogical reasoning, why go online, and theories of online teaching and learning.

Set 2- What? The focus of the second set is on a model drawn from a systematic literature review. This model represents principles to guide pedagogy for online student to student (S2S) engagement.

Set 3- How? In the third set, the guiding principles for pedagogy in the S2S model are illustrated with examples from different curriculum domains.