Dr Greg Vass (GIER) with colleagues Associate Professor Nikki Moodie, Associate Professor Kevin Lowe and a team of researchers have recently won the Best Paper award in the highly esteemed Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education for The Aboriginal Voices Project: findings and reflections.

Since 2017, the team have worked to publish the first collection of systematic reviews of empirical research on Indigenous education in Australia.

The Aboriginal Voices project comprises a collection of systematic reviews, the first six published in two special issues in the Australian Education Researcher. The reviews cover a range of different areas including curriculum, pedagogy, professional learning, anti-racism and community engagement, as well as a paper focusing solely on methodology.

As part of this collection, the team wrote a synthesising paper summarising the findings of 10 systematic reviews and the core themes that arose. This was published in the Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education and has received the 2021 Best Paper Award.

Papers are assessed on their originality, quality of argument, positioning and impact and writing style.

Congratulations to the research team for this fantastic effort.