The 2nd German Science and Innovation Day on 4 October 2017 will be a forum to present and discuss collaborations of German and Australian scientists and their research institutions.  Across a variety of scientific disciplines, we will hear about collaboration strategies and the objectives, progress and outcomes of Australian-German research and innovation projects.  This will particularly include conversations covering funding sources, student engagement and exchange programs.  The event will this year take place at Griffith University.

During the day, DAAD and the Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation will highlight how their organisations can support academics and students in further benefitting from the increasingly close relationship between Germany and Australia.

The German Science and Innovation Day targets German academics and students, researchers working with German research institutions, corporate representatives engaged in related nurturing relationships with German universities.  This event is a unique opportunity to gain consolidated and up-to-date insights into the status and development path of the scientific relationships between Australia and German.  It also provides access to peers allowing an exchange of successful practices and experiences.

The German Science and Innovation Day is a joint initiative of the Honorary Consul of Germany in Brisbane, Griffith University, The University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology.

The German Science and Innovation Day will be embedded in the Brisbane German Week (, a two-week program from 1-15 October.  Attendees at the event might also consider joining the German Business Day on 5 October at the SAP offices.

If you would like to present your initiative at the German Science and Innovation Day, please prepare a one-page document covering:

  • Title
  • Abstract (written for stakeholders outside your discipline)
  • Involved institutions and researchers
  • Outcomes so far
  • Lessons learnt
  • Next steps

We would particularly like you to focus on how you collaborate with partners from Germany/Australia, how the collaborations started, and if and how you were able to access funds from the Australian/German Governments, the ARC, the EU or other entities.

Deadline: 11 August 2017

Email and enquiries: Karsten Schulz (

Organising Committee: Michael Bruenig (UQ), Thomas Haselhorst (Griffith University), Ronald Schroeter (QUT)