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Welcome to your first job: expect to be underpaid, bullied, harassed or exploited in some way

By Carley Ruiz, David Bartlett and Emily Moir This article was first published on  A teenager’s… Read More

How the Australian government is failing on countering violent extremism

By Keiran Hardy This article was first published on Countering violent extremism (CVE) programs are recognised globally as a critical part… Read More

The QPS Connected Women’s Program Evaluation Report

By Kristina Murphy In 2017, a Suncorp Grant was provided to the Queensland Police Service (QPS) to trial a new police-led program called the… Read More

The South Brisbane District Islamic Youth Program: Evaluation Report

By Kristina Murphy, Natasha Madon, Tariro Mutongwizo & Harley Williamson In 2016, the Queensland Police Service (QPS) introduced a new police-led program… Read More

Youth Justice Forum 2015: Summary and Recommendations

The Youth Justice Forum was a joint collaboration between the Queensland Chapter of Restorative Practices International and Griffith University’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice,… Read More

Vulnerable families: A study of Indigenous paternal imprisonment

By Susan Dennison, Holly Smallbone, Kate Freiberg & Anna Stewart Produced for Queensland Government, April 2013 Summary This project contains two studies that… Read More