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Can we really rely on people to isolate when they’re told to? Experts explain

By Patrick O’Leary, Amy Young, Donna McAuliffe and Jennifer Boddy This spotlight was first published on A country-wide shutdown… Read More

The Gender Card, Episode 7: The Gender Card in Criminal Violence

Domestic violence remains a scourge of society, with shocking attacks and brutality continuing on thousands of women around Australia. Griffith Criminology Institute’s Robyn Holder is… Read More

‘Cabin fever’: Australia must prepare for the social and psychological impacts of a coronavirus lockdown

By Jennifer Boddy, Amy Young and Patrick O’Leary This spotlight was first published on As the COVID-19 outbreak intensifies, we’re… Read More

Trauma of young people in youth detention centres

By Tony Jamieson* Young people in youth detention centres In Queensland there are over 250 beds between the existing two youth detention centres in Brisbane… Read More

Specialization among Female Partner Violence Offenders and the Role of Self-Defense

By Heather Wolbers This brief is based on the following paper: Wolbers, H., & Ackerman, J. (2020). Read More

More data transparency is needed about the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in out-of-home care

By Clare Tilbury* and Natalie Lewis** In recent years, Australian state and territory governments… Read More

Family Law Court orders for supervised contact in custodial disputes – unanswered questions

By Emily Schindeler This brief is based on the following paper: Schindeler E (2019). Read More

When does someone radicalise and deradicalise?

By Keiran Hardy Researchers in terrorism studies frequently ask questions about radicalisation – what… Read More