• Understanding sex and race inequalities in the criminal careers of cross-over children in Queensland

    By Ben Matthews, Susan McVie, Carleen Thompson & Anna Stewart. This brief is based on the following paper: Matthews, B., McVie, S., Thompson, C., & Stewart, A. From Childhood System Contact to Adult Criminal Conviction: Investigating Intersectional Inequalities using Queensland Administrative Data. J Dev Life Course Criminology 8, 440–480 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1007/s40865-022-00204-z 1. What problem does […]

  • Does Australia need new laws to combat right-wing extremism?

    By Keiran Hardy This article was first published on At the National Press Club this week, Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil flagged that Labor would propose changes to Australia’s counter-terrorism laws. She cited an increase in diverse threats beyond religious fundamentalism, a trend towards lone-actor, low-sophistication attacks, and more younger people being radicalised. Specifically, she referred to the threat […]

  • Australia’s fight against corruption risks failure

    By Janet Ransley When fighting official corruption, prevention can be the cure. But what does that look like? Corruption is costly, difficult to detect and it can take years to bring the perpetrators to justice — if they face court at all. Efforts to combat it have focused on catching the corrupt, but a focus chasing […]

  • Review of the Queensland Police Service Wanding Trial

    By Janet Ransley, Nadine Connell, Margo van Felius and Shannon Walding In 2021, legislation was passed in Queensland to enable the trial of metal detecting wand use by police in two sites. The goal of the legislation is to improve detection of, and achieve reductions in, knife carrying, primarily by young people. Reduced knife-carrying is […]