GCI Insights showcases the remarkable research being conducted by members of the Griffith Criminology Institute (GCI). GCI is one of the largest, most vibrant and high-performing criminology communities in the world. Research by GCI members targets five key challenges that criminology can help to address:

You can read more about GCI’s innovative research here. This website is designed for policymakers, industry, students and the wider public. Through briefs, spotlights, podcasts and reports, GCI members provide expert findings and commentary on key topics in criminology and criminal justice.


Briefs are summaries of academic research conducted by GCI members. Each Brief is based on a peer-reviewed publication published in a leading academic journal, an academic conference paper, or a larger research or consultancy project.


Spotlights are commentary pieces that provide expert opinion or background information on topical issues. They link academic research to public debate by clarifying myths and misperceptions, making policy recommendations, or explaining foundational concepts.


In our podcast series – ‘A Matter of Crime’ – GCI members are interviewed by Nance Haxton, a dual Walkley award winner and former ABC journalist. These conversations address the big questions in the researcher’s field of expertise, as well as myths, challenges, and new directions.


Reports are the published results of consultancy work or long-term research projects conducted by GCI members. These are often developed for industry partners, including government agencies, law enforcement and corrective services. Links to the full reports are provided in each post.


Short videos highlight the remarkable research being conducted by GCI members.


Links to author pages provide more information on contributors to this website.


Event posts highlight speaking and industry engagement activities by GCI members.

For questions or to give feedback on this website, please contact Dr Keiran Hardy, Lecturer in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Griffith University and GCI Member <[email protected]>